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Stayve Stayve Derma White neutralising foam & Exfoliating Gel

Stayve Stayve Derma White Exfoliating Gel = Thanks to a synergic combination of seismic and mandolin acid, gel stimulates regeneration of deeper skin layers. Simultaneously, it activates fibroblasts in the dermis, increases synthesis of collagen and elastin, improving skin appearance brightens existing discoloring and makes skin color even.
Instruction for use: After cleansing and toning, apply a thick layer of gel on the face, neck, and décolleté, avoiding eye area with the use of a brush. Leave on the skin depending on its sensitivity(sensitive skin up to 2 minutes/normal skin up to 3 minutes/oily skin up to 5 minutes). Do not massage. Remove gel with a spatula, rinse with water and supply neutralizing mousse. Gentle tingling and redness is a normal skin reaction to acids.
Stayve Stayve Derma White neutralizing foam = Neutralising Foam is for stopping the operation of acids, restoring proper PH to the skin, alleviation of irritations, reduction of redness, preparing of skin for next stages of treatment. Before you have MTS treatment, better peel the dead skin off on the face with the proper product to have a greater effect. 
Stayve brand is by far the best semi-permanent foundation product and meso serums for micro-needling in the market specifically formulated for BB Glow treatment. The product can be used with micro needling and derma rollers too. This is a semi-permanent foundation treatment is suitable for any type of skin with 3 different kinds of BB coverage color(mainly organic Colour pigment from plant-based) to suit and blend into your skin to make it look dewy and radiant. You can add the awesome meso serums ampoules to the skin color as a booster cocktail for added benefits and results. Suitable for even Men to do. There are also many benefits to make the skin healthier over time. 
List of products for BB Glow:
Types of Ampoules:
Stayve MESO Foundation No. 1 Light – For Fair Skin (12 bottles)
MESO Foundation No. 2 Medium – For Tanned Skin & Men (10 bottles)
MESO Foundation No. 3 Deep – For African Dark / Indian Skin (10 bottles)
MESO AC Stem Cell Gold – Revitalizing, repair and cell regeneration (10 bottles)
MESO Wrinkle Stem Cell Culture – Lifting, firming and tightening (10 bottles)
MESO moisture stem cell culture - Intense Hydration (10 Bottles)
MESO EGF Peptide Gold Ampoule - stimulates collagen growth (10 bottles) 
MESO Salmon DNA Gold Serum – Rapid Injury Healing and Regeneration (10 bottles)
Stayve Whitening & Lifting Pack
Stayve Derma White Neutralising Foam & Exfoliating Gel
Stayve Repair Cream 


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