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Soft FX is used to dilute the intensity of your pigments in order to achieve that soft, powdery effect. Soft FX was formulated by the Li Pigments Lab to work in perfect harmony with the Fusion Technology, blending and mixing properties of Li Pigments. Add Soft FX to your eyeliner pigments in order to achieve that soft, smoky eyeliner effect. Add to your eyebrow pigments to achieve that soft, powdery brow your client craves. Add to your areola pigments to achieve that soft outer edge that makes the areola look so real and natural. Add Soft FX to your lip pigment when working around the vermillion border to achieve a borderless lip. Soft FX is what every artist needs to create all levels of dilution and effects with their work and procedures. Although Soft FX was formulated to work with the exact formulation properties of Li Pigments, Soft FX will work and is appropriate for all pigment brands. Finally...the perfect pigment dilution solution at your fingertips.



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