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This device has been developed based on cutting-edge technology.
Apart from its excellent technology, PixelPro HQ Machine is also captivating through its eleg ant design and functionality.
This new product makes work a pleasure. Combining artistry and technology, it will meet the highest expectations.

The machine is ideally designed for all Pixel techniques such as Ombre Brows, Ombre Eyeliner, StardustEyeliner, Butterfly Eyeliner, Ombre Lips, Aquarelle Lips, Hairstrokes + Ombre and other currently mostpopular permanent makeup and micropigmentation techniques.
Special technologies of both the machine and special Premium needles allow achieving absolutely accurate shading effect during any procedure.

Design and functionalities have been developed in collaboration with Liucija Penkauskienė, one of theindustry’s most renowned artists and trainer in the world.



Needle frequency: 50 to 250 hits per secondNeedle length adjustment: 3mmNeedle types: all needles with anti-backflow system
Touch screen, digital display. Housing and handle made of lightweight alloy. Available in silver color.
Machine components are manufactured in Switzerland and Germany.
The machine has been developed in EU,Lithuania.


Eyebrows Eyelid line
Medical pigmentation


It has many different needles options like:

1R - 0,25mm - one point micro

1R - 0,3mm - one point round 

1R - 0,4mm - one point round 

1R - 0,5mm - one point round 

3RL - 0,25mm - three-point round

3RS - 0,3mm - three-point round

5RS - 0,3mm - five-point round

5RF - 0,3mm - five-point flat

7RS - 0,3mm - five-point round

and mezotherapy needles.


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