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  • Shake LI-FT for 30 seconds and pour into single use pigment pots.
  • When lightening body tattoos, smaller sections per session of larger tattoos are recommended. Eyebrows, eyeliner tips and lips are an appropriate size and areas to work on for cosmetic tattoos in one session. LI-FT should not come into contact with the eyes. As a result, only eyeliner tips where the skin can be managed to avoid product contact with the eyes is endorsed.
  • Under no circumstances should the tattoo lightening procedure be performed again within a minimum of eight weeks. A minimum of eight weeks of healing after every lightening session is critical for a healthy healing process. The integrity of the skin and the lightening results are contingent upon meeting this requirement. Longer periods between lightening procedures may be required for people with medical conditions that result in a slower healing agenda, but were still, in the technician's or physician's opinion (if consulted), was considered a good candidate for the LI-FT procedure. Technicians have the responsibility to determine the appropriate length of time in excess of eight weeks between sessions based on the client's health profile.
  • An anaesthetic for pre-procedure purposes may be used to reduce discomfort. Once the first pass has been completed with the chosen needle configuration, an additional anaesthetic that does not contain epinephrine may be used. Do not use any anaesthetic that contains epinephrine. It is important for the body to respond normally to the tattooing procedure without the influence of epinephrine.
  • The appropriate needle size and motion technique is to be used based on the pattern and size of the area to be lightened and the condition of the client's skin. This product is to be used by technicians who have had training that would result in the educated ability to choose the appropriate needle configuration for the LI-FT procedure.
  • Dip the needle into the LI-FT solution. Open the skin by employing circular / oval, pointillism or tapping movements. NOTE: THE MICROBLADING TECHNIQUE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR REMOVAL. Select the movement technique that best suits the skin, the area for removal, and the needle being used. Only make the number of passes required to open the skin to effectively deliver the LI-FT product to the target area. Depth and pressure used should be just as one would use depositing pigment... No more, no less. Depending on the condition of the skin
  • After passes are complete, use a cotton swab or microbrush to generously apply LI-FT to the area, saturating the entire area. Leave LI-FT on for several minutes then gently wipe away with a dampened single-use paper product (cotton pad, gauze etc.). The area will show signs of inflammation and body fluids will be visible in most instances.
  • After gently wiping off the solution, cleanse with LI's Tea Tree Toner. If the lightening procedure is traditional body art on parts of the body other than the face and if deemed necessary due to the body fluid contact with clothing, sterile gauze may be applied to the procedural area.


Dry healing has resulted in optimum results, however, if the client is active in high-risk areas an occlusive wound dressing for several days is required to prevent bacterial invasion of the wound. Some high-risk areas would include but are not limited to:

  • Exercise Gyms
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Home care facilities
  • High public traffic areas such as hotels, airports, grocery stores, etc.

Written aftercare instructions should include the need for the client to avoid contact with the procedural area directly with hands that have not been thoroughly washed.

For several hours, and in some instances longer, the wound may weep lymph blood and fluid. These fluids can be blotted off by applying pressure (no rubbing) with a slightly moist paper towel

The procedural area should be cleansed with a product such as Cetaphil or Cerave; gentle products without fragrance, acidic ingredients, etc.

Advise the client that topical cosmetics may not be applied over the procedural area to diffuse or hide the appearance of the wound. Cosmetics may contain ingredients that are contraindicative to healing wounds, may contain bacteria, and also require removal which entails contact with the crusts of the tattoo lightened area.

Advise the client to take measures to keep the tattoo lightened area dry when bathing. This is more difficult for body art tattoos. While showering, people who have had cosmetic tattoos lightened may turn their back to the shower spray and gently blot off any moisture with a paper towel.

Advise the client that under no circumstances should the crusts that develop over the wound be removed. The crusts will become less noticeable with the natural exfoliation of the dead skin cells that are naturally replaced by the body during the healing process.

Clients should be advised that if any sign of infection is seen, they should consult their physician



  • LI-FT is for body art professionals, traditional and cosmetic tattooists only. Technicians are advised to contact their insurance provider regarding appropriate coverage. If tattoo lightening / removal is not covered by your general policy, a separate policy may be required. Professional tattoo lightening insurance coverage is required for use of LI-FT.
  • LI-FT is a pigment lightening solution formulated for cosmetic tattoos on the face and for areas of body art to lighten tattoos. Tattoo lightening with LI-FT is prohibited on areas below the knee, below the wrist and on the genital areas. It is also prohibited to be used on people with medical conditions that would adversely affect the healing process without written consent from a physician.
  • Results will vary depending on, but not limited to, the client's skin condition, health profile, the ability to heal well, the type and colour of pigment to be lightened, depth of pigment placement, technique used, the configuration of needle used (This product is not to be used with Microblading / Manual Tools), and compliance with LI-FT aftercare instructions. Some tattoo lightening procedures will be more or less successful, based on these factors.
  • Use with extreme caution on darker skin (Fitz types V-VI), any other skin type that shows signs of previous hyper or hypo pigmentation, or if the technician suspects that the skin may react in that manner from minor wounds. A pre-procedure test for hyper or hypo pigmentation on these skin types is required. Following the instructions above, tattoo a small amount of the LI-FT product into an area of no more than one half inch (1.25cm) in length and width. Allow the pre-procedure test to heal and revaluate the tattooed area after 8 weeks. If hyper or hypo pigmentation is evident, no further use of LI-FT is endorsed. Client history charts must be properly documented to reflect the pre-procedure test and pre-and-post healed photographs available upon request.
  • The timing for a tattoo lightening procedure is important. Clients with special events, travel plans, or who work in an environment with the probability of high bacterial exposure should choose the timing for the lightening procedure so aftercare instructions do not conflict with these activities or workplace schedules.
  • All clients are required to complete a pigment lightening consent form indicating they do, or do not, have any allergies to the following ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Extract, Citrus Medica Limonum, Calendula Officinalis, Hydroxethyl Cellulose, Sodium Benzonate, Potassium Sorbate. If a client indicates an allergy to any of the aforementioned ingredients, they may be offered to purchase a new sealed container of LI-FT and consult with their physician for allergy testing. The diagnosis (results of the medically conducted allergy test) is to be provided to the technician and maintained in the client's file. If a client indicates an allergy to any of the ingredients, but cannot or will not pursue a physician conducted allergy test, the use of LI-FT is prohibited.


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