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Temp : Cool-3

Light to Dark Scale: 2

Base : Green Inorganic

Use to correct or neutralize a red, orange or pink eyebrow on a lighter skin, lighter haired client that desires a lighter brow color as a result. To correct red, orange, and pink brows on darker skin, darker hair clients that desire a darker brow as a result please refer to Olive Mod. Can also use directly to obtain a Light Taupe Blonde on warmer undertones, a light brown will be achieved. For camouflaging, add a small quantity to equalize skin tones or obtain a gray/olive base. Use in mixtures to prevent from turning reddish/pink. Use in mixtures to correct Eyebrow, Eyeliner, and Areola procedures that have turned reddish/pink. This is a FANTASTIC color that has several uses.

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