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Content : Needle patch 2ea, Micro ampoule 1ea
Net content:Micro ampoule 1g
Style : Hydrocholloid Patch
Main materials : Hyaluronic acid, Caffeine, Acetyl tetrapeptide-5
Feature : Moisturized

Highly absorbent NEEDLE PATCH from the inside
Miracle Micro Needle Patch

- Systematic functional care of the skin around your eyes
- Micro needle patent technology
- Free from 16 harmful ingredients
- Excellent moisturization of 99.9% hyaluronic acid 
- Contains caffeine
- Effective in breaking down fat cells
- Functional effect around your eye area with Eyeseryl component
Adhesive NEEDLE PATCH increases absorption rate more than attached the cosmetics that is applied.
Common skin care cosmetics are often less effective because of the limited delivery of active ingredients to the skin, no matter how good the prescription is.
BLUE CARROT Miracle Micro Needle Patch allows you to deliver active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and Eyeseryl through the sharp needle shape, and help maintain the moisture of the eye area.
+ Easy functional home care
+ Intensive skin care for targeted area
+ Instant high-efficiency care function
+ Active ingredient delivered directly
Perfect Care Solution to your smile lines, Micro Needle Patch

Amazing absorption effect, Micro needle patch Main ingredients
100% pure premium hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin and keeps it moisturized preventing your skin from being dried. 

MICRO NEEDLE PATCH provides moisture and nutrition fast!
The Miracle Micro Needle Patch consists of hundreds of needle-shaped microstructures and is made of 99.9% hyaluronic acid with excellent water retention. 

Home Care with Micro Needle Patch
Intensive Skin Care Patch for Targeted Area 
Miracle Micro Needle Patch

- Wrinkles around eyes
- Wrinkles around mouth
- Forehead wrinkles
- Neck wrinkles
The microneedles help the active ingredients penetrate your skin, and the moist pads gently adhere!
We recommend this product to you
+ If you are worried about eye bags and dark circles
+ If you want to have excellent wrinkle improvement
+ If you want deep moisture in your skin
+ If you do not like injections and pains in dermatology clinics and hospitals

Have a trust in it and use it safely!
Eyeseryl reduces your uneven/bumpy eyebags.
Special technology of micro needles, Miracle Micro Needle Patch
The effect ingredients of the micro needle patch are gradually melted and absorbed into your skin.
Intensive care of target area / Anti-Wrinkle / Easy home care / Non-Irritating

Micro needles in the shape of a quadrangular pyramid are gently adhered to the skin!
By attaching the microneedle patch to the desired area for 2 ~ 3 hours, the fine micro needles penetrate into the skin without giving pains, deliver the active ingredients, help to activate the skin, and give you intensive care to targeted area for much brighter color.

Free from 16 harmful ingredients.
Harmful disinfection ingredient (CTIT, MIT) and methanol etc.
It does not contain 16 kinds of toxic chemicals and can be used safely. 

How to use the needle patch
- No matter how good a prescription common skin care cosmetics have, they have a limit to the delivery of active ingredients to the skin that their skin care is often less effective.
- The BLUE CARROT Miracle Micro Needle Patch allows you to deliver active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and Eyeseryl through a sharp needle shape, and thus help maintain the moisture in the skin around your eyes.

1. After cleansing, retouch your skin.
2. Tear the package open, take out the BLUE CARROT Miracle Micro Ampoules, spread it out evenly on the face, and let it be absorbed into the skin by massaging(Before attaching the micro needle patch, please wait for the ampoules to fully penetrate the skin.)
3. Open the BLUE CARROT Miracle Micro Needle Patch and remove the white protective film.
4. Attach the patch to the desired area with the sharp bumps pointing toward the skin, remove the transparent protective film on the back, and lightly press it.
5. Remove the patch completely after 2 ~ 3 hours, gently massage the remaining hyaluronic acid essence left on the skin to be completely absorbed by using cream.

Precautions for use
When using cosmetics or after use, if you have any symptoms or side effects on the part used such as a red spot, swelling, itching or etc. by direct sunlight, please consult a doctor.
Do not use it in areas with cuts, scratches, swollen, etc.
Keep out of reach of children
Keep away from direct sunlight.


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