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About us

Liucija Penkauskienė

Permanent Makeup International Trainer & Champion Owner of Permanent Beauty Clinic & Academy in Europe

Has over 500 students around the world who is now working with Permanent Makeup.

Started her carrier as makeup artist. After one of her clients suggested her to take permanent makeup training she took it in local medical school. She started working in Permanent Makeup Industry just when she was 18 years. Now she is one of the most known artists in the world. In 2016th already won I-st place in International Championship of Microblading.

Do you know that her schedule for treatments and trainings are fully booked for 6 months in advance. Over 1000 treatments each year are done by Liucija. This is really impressive!


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Live Models

You will have ability to perform procedures on live clients during training and we give you the opportunity to study and complete procedures in real working conditions.

Full Support

We provide the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice. You will get all essential skills and knowledge, general understanding of profession’s nature, treatments, products. After training we provide free Online support for 6 months.


Once you finish our courses you receive accredited certificate which is appreciable worldwide and opens opportunities for you to work in every country worldwide.

The Academy

All types of permanent make-up training in one place!

VIP Permanent makeup training courses, microblading 6D training courses , BLADE & NEEDLE mix training courses and OMBRE (manual/device) brows training courses, OMBRE lips training courses, OMBRE eyeliner training courses, advanced training classes and masterclasses, medical permanent makeup training classes.

Main program always includes: theory, practice on fake skin, demonstrations, practise on many live models.

- just our classes are in 90% a hands-on experience;

- our staff of educators constantly raise their professional qualifications;

- we award certificates that are legally recognized nationally;

- our programme includes all you require to grow your own business;

- we have received positive reviews form our graduates.


If you want to improve your knowledge or skills in the field of permanent makeup or you are interested in becoming a permanent makeup professional start your new career today and enrol for training courses at the Permanent Beauty Clinic & Academy in Europe.

The profession of a permanent makeup artist requires extensive knowledge, practical experience, and strong interpersonal skills to work with clients effectively. Getting a professional training is an essential part of mastering the top professional skills. The Permanent Beauty Clinic & Academy in Europe founded by Liucija Penkauskienė offers the best training classes in permanent makeup in the whole world.

We have noticed a growth in the number of people who choose permanent makeup as a mean to improve their appearance. The popularity of procedures continues to rise, which we can see both in statistics, as well as hear from our clients who are very interested in our service menu. At our academy, we know that trusted and well-trained permanent makeup artists are in high demand and for this reason we offer professional training courses to beginners as well as experienced practitioners. We train people from all over the world who happily return to our academy for more classes and professional support.